EDL Weekender: Tacos & Tequila at South

Lots of Jollof promo this week, but if you've somehow missed all of that, we're organizing our second edition of our Jollof Festival. Kitchen Butterfly is back on board and we'll be at Muri Okunola park on August 19. You can get tickets here

Anyway, here's what to do and listen to this weekend:



Tacos & Tequila at South

To celebrate National Tequila Day, Eko Cocktail Club is doing a thing at South tonight:  Tacos & Tequila Fiesta. 


There’ll be a special taco menu paired with a curated cocktail selection. You can add some tequila bombs and free shots all night. South is also putting together a spicy taco eating competition and the winner gets 2 cocktails off the menu on the house. 

Honey's Cupcake of the Month

This wasn't in my original weekender draft, but it dropped in my email and I HAD to share. 

Honey’s classic butter cupcakes are jazzed up with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, and dotted with chocolate chips. Filled with vanilla bean pastry cream and frosted with vanilla bean meringue buttercream. Topped with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and finished with salted caramel.
— Honey's Cupcakes

Visit her website to order



A Special Sunday Roast 

This weekend, Chef Benedict is organizing a special Sunday Roast to celebrate his birthday. There are 3 seatings:

  1. Saturday at 8pm
  2. Sunday at 2pm
  3. Sunday at 7pm .

It's 13k/head but there's a discounted rate of 11k/head for groups of 4.