EDL Weekender: Simply Green Brunch, Big Belly Kitchen, and Craft Cocktails

A little housekeeping before we get into it. 

  • Tickets for #JollofAndOtherThings are live. They're N800 online and N1000 at the date (N1500 if you're paying cash because cash is bad)

Now that's out the way, here's what to do and listen to this weekend:



Simply Green Brunch

Simply Green launched their brunch menu last weekend and we'll probably check it out this weekend. The menu looks pretty interesting, especially that burger. 

The Big Belly Chow Up


Mainland rocks on Eat.Drink.Lagos. Very rare sighting lol. Jokes aside, the last Chow Up was on the island so the Big Belly Kitchen is bringing its wonderfulness to the mainland this weekend. 


Arts & Craft Cocktails at 16/16


16/16 + BarNomadic + Ife Shotunde

BarNomadic is run by BBDD, one of our #DrinkLagos contributors. After all the big talk on the blog, maybe we can check if BarNomadic actually sabi the work. 

“It’s been a long time (long time/
Shouldn’t have left you (left you)…
Without a dope drink to sip to…”

The Bad Boys of Bartending are back.
We are collaborating with 16 by 16 to bring you
”Arts & Craft cocktails”

Enjoy the Works of Ifebusola Shotunde, as well as brand-spanking new cocktails:

“Super Blue FOMO”
“Savage Lemonade” (Defending Champion/Incumbent)


(we encourage you to switch between them often 🏃🏿‍♂🏃🏿‍♂)
— BarNomadic

Have a great weekend, guys!