Brunch at The Harvest


NOSA: Harvest has been one of my favorite restaurant openings this year. The Eatalian is probably one of the best burgers I've had in Lagos since I moved back. All of this meant I was more than pumped when I found out they were launching a brunch menu. So much so that I was patient enough to point out the rosé in bar to the waiter.

FOLLY: Our brunch at The Harvest was more stressful than it should have been. The waiter put up a fight uneccesarily for everything. First, he insisted to Nosa that there was no brunch menu and secondly, didn't know the difference between red, white, and rosé.


NOSA: In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have been so excited for this brunch. Coming in with all that expectation might have tainted this review.  Anyway, we'll get to that as you continue reading. 

It started with the waiter not knowing they had a "breakfast" menu and said menu being incredibly unimaginative. But again, maybe that's the expectation speaking. "The limited items might be really good", I said to myself as I ordered the English Breakfast as my main. 

FOLLY: There were like three other options excluding the English Breakfast and the Club Sandwich, two of which were pancakes so I went with the more exciting of the two - the Party Pancakes.

NOSA: Frankfurters and canned mushrooms. 

I could've made this myself, honestly. 

FOLLY: I forgive canned mushrooms most times, but frankfurters are unforgiveable.

NOSA: No, seriously, the cook in my house makes this whenever I actually buy bacon and sausage. You're literally one Delis grocery run away from this plate. At least I don't use frankfurters, I use Satis sausages so it's like a Full Peckham breakfast or something. 


FOLLY: Likewise, I could have made the pancakes myself because it was strikingly similar in taste to a certain boxed pancake mix - but I am not 100% sure - I'd bet on it though.


NOSA: The pancakes remind me of those movies where a little kid finally gets to do adult things and the first thing they want to do is eat candy unsupervised or stay up late.

FOLLY: The plating was very DIY too. 

NOSA: These guys just sprinkled M&Ms on this like "eh, it's whatever".

FOLLY: That was actually my attempt at a colourful plating for the picture. The M&M's came in a separate side dish.


NOSA:Why didn't The Harvest dump the candy in the pancake when it was still batter? Again, these pancakes tasted like they came out of Aunt Jemima box. I'm not shading pancake mix, though. It gets the job done. But, if you're going sell it as a brunch offering at a restaurant, it best not be full of items straight from the grocery store. That's simply insulting. 


NOSA: I wasn't adequately whelmed. 

FOLLY: Neither was I.




Party Pancakes - N3500

English Breakfast - N3500



There's lot of parking available