EDL Weekender: NOK and the Mamma Mia Club

Another weekend is here, here's what to do and listen to:


This week's playlist is absolutely stellar. 


Amala at NOK

NOK added Amala to their lunch/dinner menu. No word on if it'll last beyond the month so this weekend is one of your last chances to try it. Early reviews suggest it's pretty good. We're going to check it out tomorrow with a couple readers.

Mamma Mia Club

Benedict and Bite Lagos have a collabo pop-up this weekend. Spots limited as usual so you'll probably want to reserve early



The Shake Pop Up

The Moo Diary pop up at Lennox Mall is still on so if you missed it last weekend, this is your chance. 

The Shake Pop Up -poster for instagram & EDL weekender.jpg


Andrea Iyamah Summer Shopping Party

After 10 failed attempts at a national carrier, we still see people hyped for Nigeria Air because "Buy Nigerian". For shame. 

Here's a "Buy Nigerian" endeavor that won't waste your time, however. Andrea Iyamah has a shopping party this weekend and their stuff is actually kinda good. So channel your jingoism here.


The Self Expression Exhibition