Jollof & Other Things: Jollof is Back

Jollof is Back!

Eat.Drink.Lagos & Kitchen Butterfly are back with the second edition of JOLLOF. Last year’s inaugural event at Jaekel House saw food-lovers from all over Lagos come together to celebrate not just Jollof rice, but the creativity of local culinary talent.

Jollof (1).png

This year, the experimental and craftsman's vibe remains, but we're making things a bit different. For one, the festival is moving to the Island - we’ll be at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island on August 19th. Like last year, it will be a ticketed event - tickets will be available very soon.

The theme this year is not just “Jollof”, but “Jollof and Other Things”. Vendors are invited to create interesting and rich menus inspired by all traditional Nigerian dishes- not just jollof rice.  From agbalumo gelato to scent leaf pesto, we’re looking to have the envelope pushed on traditional Nigerian food. All forms of main meals, appetizers, desserts, sides, drinks, cocktails and snacks are included under this umbrella, and a wide variety of tasty (but not boring) dishes should be expected. Nigerian food is some of the richest and most diverse in the world, and it’s about time it gets the credit it deserves.

This year’s edition of the JOLLOF also introduces the “Artisan” vendor category. In our  previous edition, only freshly made, ready-to-eat food was on show, e.g. jollof and fried rice cooked on site, freshly barbecued chicken, homemade smoothies, fish off the grill and so on. This year, all of those freshly prepared goodies are still included, but independent crafters will also be showing off their pre-packaged specialty products. This includes homemade packaged baked goods, granola, craft beer and sodas, spices and more. These will all be made with mostly Nigerian ingredients, locally sourced and will serve to support our fantastic homegrown food businesses.  Homemade crafters in Lagos, with no physical location, face a lot of challenges getting their products into the competitive market. At this year’s Jollof Festival, we’d like to introduce more of them to potential customer bases and open up long term relationships for them.


Jollof and Other Things will have a wealth of attractions for anyone who enjoys the blossoming Nigerian food industry and is not to be missed. More information for attendees will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Interested vendor participants are welcome to view our detailed information document.