South for Brunch


NOSA: We mentioned it in last week’s Weekender, but over the weekend, South launched their brunch menu. Brunch is easily my favorite meal of the day so I was more than excited to check it out. 

FOLLY: Likewise, I was also curious to see what the brunch cocktails would be cause I noticed that they had plans for that from the promo flyer. I ended up ordering an Aperol Spritz - I didn't like it so let's focus on the food. 

NOSA: We ordered the Egg & Sausage McLovin’, the South Pancakes, and the Mozzarella Parmesan Omelette. I really wanted The Cuban, but apparently it’s no more. 

FOLLY: Technically, the menu had a disclaimer that said "limited availability" so more accurately, "it wasn't available".

Egg & Sausage McLovin’

Egg & Sausage McLovin’

NOSA: The Egg & Sausage McLovin is South’s take on the Egg McMuffin. Literally down to the name. “McLovin” is a hop and skip away from “McMuffin”.

FOLLY: The name was definitely inspired by the McMuffin and I think that's okay because they aren't intending to be deceptive but I'm not a lawyer. 





NOSA: It would be nice if it came with a side like hash browns or something like the McMuffin. On it’s own, it feels a bit incomplete. That wouldn’t be all bad until realize you’re paying effectively $10 on an Egg McMuffin that won’t fill you up.

FOLLY: That was my only grievance with the Egg & Sausage McLovin - the portion was pretty light so it definitely deserved a side. You know what would have been a nice accomplice? Home Fries.

South Cross section.jpg

NOSA: That aside, this is probably the best breakfast sandwich you’ll find in Lagos. I mean it’s not competing with much, but it’s still better than everyone else. The house sauce, in particular, was super yum. 

FOLLY: The hash brown crisp in this sandwich was quite interesting. If you were expecting a classic thick hash brown, you would have thought wrongly. It was a thin crispy hash brown, just about about one mm thick, and it added the most wonderful crunch in between bites. 

South Omelette Parmesan.jpg
Mozarella Parmesan Omelette.jpg

NOSA: The same quagmire that afflicts the McLovin also rears its ugly head with the omelette. Why won’t South let you order a side of toast or maybe some bacon strips? If you ask nicely, maybe you can get some but it’s not on the menu so it would be hack, which is terrible UX. 

FOLLY: Exactly, it doesn't say on the menu so one wouldn't even know if it was an option that is available. 

Side or no side, the parmesan and mozzarella omelette was pretty damn good. The mozarella added all the stringiness and thickness to the omelette, but the flavour was mostly from the sharpness of the parmesan.

NOSA: The pancake could’ve been better, but it was good enough. I’ve had better but I’ve also had a lot worse so maybe it’s down to personal preference. 

FOLLY: The pancake had the thickness of an American pancake but it wasn't fluffy. On the inside, it was chewy and sweet just like a crepe. The menu described the pancakes as fluffy so I think that's what they were going for but then it was so sweet and American pancakes aren't usually sweet so I'm still confused.

South Pancake.jpg

NOSA: It tastes like a crepe in some ways. Very “chewy”, for lack of a better word. This one will definitely fill you up. 

The syrup is heavy on the Jedi Jedi 



NOSA: I complained a lot in this post, but it's still a very good brunch. Like, really good. 

FOLLY: I liked the brunch a great deal, Nosa just likes whining tbh.




Sausage & Egg McLovin - N3500

South Pancakes - N3500

Mozarella Parmesan Omelette - N3500




There's parking in front and the security men are helpful