Bottles Is Exactly Where We Left It


NOSA: It has been a while since our last visit to Bottles. A lot has changed in that time, for example, you only get one serving of complimentary chips & salsa.

For more, you have to shell out N2000. Also, in that time, the space has undergone a major renovation, minor aesthetic changes to the menu, and pizza. 

Yes, Bottles has pizza on the menu. But that’s a post for another day. 

FOLLY: Spoiler alert: it wasn't that good. Christina also checked out the bar at Bottles last month, here is her review

NOSA: Today, though, we’ll be the revisiting Bottles’ Tex Mex favorites. We went with the Bottles taco trio - Three Amigos - and Beef Quesadillas


FOLLY: We mixed the tacos (chicken and beef). I prefered the beef honestly but both were excellent. 

NOSA: If the picture didn’t give it away already, the tacos are LOADED. I completely forgot how much I used to love these. Bottles has one of the better, if not the best, tacos in Lagos. 


FOLLY: They are MY personal favourite in Lagos regardless of whether or not they are the best in Lagos. The tacos may be small but they are loaded with everything that makes a good taco - no shortchanging the customer.  

NOSA:You know what’s not the best anything in Lagos though? 

The rice & beans that comes with the Quesadillas.



NOSA: The thing had me like ...

NOSA: You should probably just ask for fries as your side and give the authenticity a pass. The beef quesadillas are serviceable, but aren’t, in any way, as good as the chicken.

FOLLY: Yeah, I was really surprised on this one that the beef quesadillas weren't as good as the chicken but I think I've figured it out. 


NOSA: Avoid beef, get chicken. White meat is good for you anyway.


FOLLY: Smh, however here's my thought process. I think it was because they used ground beef and not sliced beef strips (steak). The ground beef and the cheese became one, and combined with the sauteed vegetables in there everything was just one homogenous cheesy blend.



NOSA: Nothing has really changed here. Bottles is still bottling away and their Tex Mex is decent enough to make you ignore the rough edges. 

FOLLY: Margaritas are quality, never forget that.




Quesadilla - N4100

Three Amigos - N3100



There's parking but you'll have to deal with a merry band of extortionists along the way