EDL Weekender: An Octopus Salad in Lagos

NOSA: Hello weekend!

FOLLY: This week was a short one with the public holiday but it still feel like it dragged on for a bit. Anyways, we have a new playlist and a few fun things to do this weekend.  

Spotify version of the playlist HERE



Octopus Salad at La Taverna


NOSA: Not many places in Lagos offer, for lack of a better term, offer "exotic meats". There's the oysters at NOIR and the frog legs at Villa Medici, but that's about it.  La Taverna recently added an octopus salad to menu and I think it's worth a try if you're looking to be a bit more adventurous. 


Buy One Get One Free 

FOLLY: For National Donut Day, Krispy Kreme (worldwide, I think) is offering a pretty sweet buy one get one free deal. You get a free donut of your choice with ANY purchase. 



Happy Hour @ SkyBox

Fridays in the sky.jpeg

NOSA: I completely forgot about the construction at RoadChef from the start of the year. Turns out something was brewing, i.e. SkyBox. I still think it's weird that all of this is going on in a gas station because you know people love to smoke when they drink.

FOLLY: And that sounds like a fire hazard to me and if you remember the Ascon fire of 2014, I imagine err-ing on the side of caution would be the preference....

NOSA: But if you're in Lekki and looking for Happy Hour tonight, check it out and let us know.


Garmspot Urban Mixer

FOLLY: Athleisure is still red hot so if you're needing a wardrobe update, check it out.