EDL Weekender: Dante's Burrito Bowl is Back

NOSA: Another weekend is here and we've put together a pretty sweet list of things to do this weekend. Oh, and some music to go with it. 


Dante's Burrito Bowl is Back

NOSA: Got the best message from Olumide in email this week.

Good day lovely folks,

Hope your week is moving along wonderfully.
Back for 1 Day by POPULAR DEMAND. Our ever so fresh Dante’s Burrito Bowl will be available this Saturday. You can build your bowl just the way you like it.

Pls mark your calendars and lets make it a satisfied cravings

Thank you
— Olumide

NOSA: I can't believe the burrito bowls never caught on. It certainly felt like a home run at the time. Said as much when we reviewed it on the blog. Oh well, I'm just happy it's back, even if it for one day only. 


Burger World Tour at Hard Rock

NOSA: I stopped by Hard Rock this week to take a look at their Burger World Tour menu (and take the amazing picture below).


Only four burgers have been announced, but the Chicken Katsu one I had was pretty decent. 

It’s incredible we’re able to showcase Hard Rock’s Local Legendary© Burger collection and the authentic ingredients that makeup each burger for the fourth year in a row. For a limited time, guests can enjoy the signature flavors from some of the world’s most eclectic cities like Brussels and Memphis at their local Hard Rock

If you're going to be at their Sundown Saturdays thing this weekend, it wouldn't hurt to try one of the burgers on the menu.


El Padrino x Cellar Central

NOSA: El Padrino is collaborating with different chefs every Friday this month. This is the first one. 


Wine Soirée

EMEKA: Yes! More roof tops popping up around Lagos Island! You are invited to relax and unwind this evening (5:30pm)  at a wine soirée hosted by íkókó ceramics.  You will need, dancing shoes, steady feet, your money bag, and a friend or ten!

Location - Meet on 4th Floor, 15 Military Street, Onikan, Lagos

unnamed (8).png

Black Margarita at South

...South’s Black Margarita, the most expensive cocktail on the menu. This drink owes its blackness to activated charcoal. It was also made with Don Julio Añejo (fancy tequila), lime, cointreau, and agave syrup... It had bulging spicy notes but they weren’t overwhelming. The lime garnish dipped in chile powder and fresh chili are like a visual warning of this “spiciness”.
— Christina, Drink Lagos

Christina dropped 8k for the Black Margarita and she didn't fight us when she was done writing her piece so it must have been good.