EDL Weekender: Cinco De Mayo Edition

NOSA: This shouldn't be "Cinco De Mayo Edition". A more appropriate title would be "Nobody is Doing Anything for Cinco De Mayo Edition", but that's too long and click bait is sweet. 

FOLLY: I don't know why most people aren't doing anything - even Crossroads

NOSA: What doesn't disappoint, however, is this week's playlist because your boy found some super deep cuts this week on his iTunes. Don't even put it on shuffle, the transitions are that great.


Padrinos De Mayo

NOSA: There's a Cinco De Mayo Special at El Padrino today and it appears they're the only one taking this thing seriously.

FOLLY: And they aren't even doing it on the real day.

NOSA: After this weekend, I don't want to hear any restaurant in Lagos claim to be a "Tex Mex" spot.

Especially Crossroads.

If Mexican food is your "thing", it's only right that you participate in the most commercialized Mexican "holiday" that exists. Anyway, shouts to El Padrino for not letting us down. 


Chef Benedict's Supper Club

FOLLY: The flier may say March but Ben's supper club is Friday 4th, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6th. A three-peat extravaganza. 

NOSA: Benedict's Supper Clubs are always super fun despite his ugly flyers. There's always a good crowd too so if networking is your thing, it's up your alley as well. 


Cinco De Mayo at Bottles

NOSA: Bottles is another not to disappoint and I'm kinda glad they didn't because their margaritas are great and margaritas are an essential element of Cinco De Mayo.


ALARA Rooftop Cinema

Molly, a cowherd, and Anta, a university student, try to make money in order to go to Paris and leave their boring past behind
— Touki Bouki (The Journey of the Hyena)
New Note.jpeg

NOSA: ALARA has opened up their rooftop to public and the first thing we get is a movie on the roof. Touki Bouki, a 1973 Senegalese drama, will be the first movie to run and guests can order from the grill menu.