EDL Weekender: Everything Fun is Happening This Weekend

NOSA: It's a pretty packed weekend coming up. Rocks everywhere, then you add in the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final. It's a bit peak. 

FOLLY: Ooh Royal Wedding. 


Pop Up Station @ Workstation


FOLLY: Workstation is not letting up at the coolest co-working spot on the Island. It probably has something to do with the fact that they aren't throwing the word "millennial" around at every opportunity and even more to do with the fact that the pricing is not ridiculous but I digress. Another edition of Pop Up Station is upon us. 


El Padrino's Secret Menu

FOLLY: Well the secret is kinda out now but you still have to visit to find out exactly what the El Padrino secret menu is. 


NOSA: The secret is Chef Benedict popping up with "Pocket Friendly" pasta


FOLLY: The prayers of we, the broke, have finally been answered and Chef Benedict is finally doing a relatively affordable pop up. If you've followed this blog you already know that Ben's 3-course dinners starts at 23,000 per head and his cheapest pasta tray is the cost of your front brake pads. 


Kaldi House is also Popping Up


FOLLY: You Island people are really praying extra hard because Kaldi is also popping up this weekend and it's on the Island. So you don't have to whine about having to journeying to Ilupeju (technically Oshodi) to get all that East African goodness. 

NOSA: It's a collaboration with Bite Lagos and it looks pretty fun.

FOLLY: Be sure to reserve because I don't those seats will be available for long. 




EMEKA: Earlier in the year, AYE!, said he's not doing any gigs for awhile. So anytime he pops up we gats to dance! What better way to enter the week? 

The boys at @baroquea care about our culture and it's reach - very very much. This is the 4th edition of The Village Sound-system's #OFFbeatLive. Afro-urban dance parties! Come through on Sunday. Lights, Vibes & Sweat. Bring your alcohol, bring your friends, step into an Off Beat world. You should come round and sweat a little. Call 08088367920 number when you reach the gate (Estate Woes)

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