EDL Weekender: Injera and Possibly the Best Mojito in Lagos

NOSA: Does it count as a long weekend if Monday is not a public holiday too? I honestly don't think any work is getting done on Monday so they might as well give us that day off too.

FOLLY: I just wish they mistakenly declared it a public holiday and then couldn't take it back so we'd have double the time off. Remember they mistakenly did that once?

NOSA: Anyway, playlist for the weekend:

NOSA: ...and here's what to do this weekend (minus the obvious glaring omission because we don't promote terrorists)



Try Injera for the first time at Kaldi House


NOSA: Injera is spongy flatbread that's super popular in East Africa. Much like intra-African trade, there isn't a lot of cultural exchange within Africa. Minus Nollywood and P-Square obviously. Ghana is literally next door and it's easier to find pasta from Italy than waakye in Lagos. A lot of work needs to be done on that and Kaldi House is a proper step in that direction. 

FOLLY: A lot of readers were so excited when we shared this find (Injera) on our Instagram page during the week, so do check it out if you want to explore East African cuisine. Ps. Our full review of Kaldi house is here.



A mojito that doesn't suck at Shiro

NOSA: Apparently, the Secret Garden is the best mojito you'll find in Lagos. Christina, from the #DrinkLagos crew, swears by it in her review so you might as well take her up on it. 

FOLLY: There was a period where I'd order a mojito at every restaurant we'd go to because I wanted to compare it against the last. I didn't write about it on the blog for whatever reason - I just kept on trying mojitos at a bunch of different restaurants.



OHL Tour

EMEKA: Open House is Back! They show you cool spaces around town that are usually not accessible. And ITS FREE! 

Explore the home and studio of famous artist Rom isichei with Open House Lagos this Saturday! Located in Ilupeju, Lagos, Isichei commissioned the architect Sola Adesina of Interstate Architects in 2016 to provide designs for him. The resulting building houses a home in front and a 2-level studio approached from a side street. The building sits on a corner piece of land.Untypical of Modernist homes, there is not the abundant glazing seen in living spaces, even though the space is an open plan into the dining area and kitchen. This space is large and acts as a gallery for artwork and large canvasses are easily accommodated here. Join us this Saturday as explore this unique architectural piece.

Time -  10:00AM - 4:00PM // Location - 2, Kujore Street, off Olowogbowo, Street, Ilupeju, Lagos.

You can either join the OHL Tour bus or meet us at the building