EDL Weekender: Gourmet Burgers @ XO Bakery

NOSA: First weekender in a minute, eh? This week's playlist might be showing some signs of rust, but you guys will have to manage. 


Gourmet Burgers @ XO Bakery

NOSA: If you missed out on the first pop-up, you're getting another chance at it. Alex & Ben's burger pop-up is back tomorrow (April 21)

FOLLY: I would add that I don’t know any where else in Lagos that you get a bun that was baked less than 24 hours ago with your burger. So, that in itself is a reason to check out Ben and Alex’s burger collabo.

NOSA: Just ignore their ugly ass poster. 



NOSA: Hard Rock Cafe's limited run "Nachos Gone Wild" menu will feature a couple of Nigerian-inspired takes on Nachos, like the Suyalicious Nachos and Shawarma Nachos, and more out there takes like this Apple Pie & Walnut Nacho. 

FOLLY: Hoping to get to Hard Rock Cafe before this is over to try the suya nachos and the dessert nachos.

Nachos creative 1.png


EMEKA: Two exhibitions happening this Sunday and they're around the corner from each other. Go get your art on, enjoy some free drinks, and ease into the new week.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.08.09 PM-1.png

No Matter Who You Are

Curated by @emmaiduma at the Angels and Muse space. Abraham Onoriode Oghobase is a Nigerian photographer whose works have been exhibited widely. A quest for the purpose of existence has led Oghobase to a unique form of art as he explores issues relating to human emotions and identity against specific socio-economic backdrops, often using himself as material for his performance-based work. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.09.20 AM.png

Those That Were Crushed

An exhibition of antique inks and metals by Muyiwa Akinwolere. “Those That Were Crushed” is a visual commentary on the recent happenings in Nigeria's political and social landscape. Muyiwa contemplates happenings in areas such as unemployment, terrorism, population explosion and the national economy. The approach is a novel experiment in materials and style.