EDL Weekender: Off Beat Live with AYE!

NOSA: This week, my Weekender playlist sounds exactly how I imagine Fridays should sound. Not Fridays in Lagos though, those sound like car horns and sweat. Hopefully, this transports you somewhere sane. 

ALSO, here's what you should be getting up to this weekend:


EAT: Sunday Lunch with Benedict

NOSA: Ben invited us along with a bunch of other "food industry people" to sample his new lunch menu

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the prices initially, but after seeing the portions, it makes sense.

FOLLY: Big skeptical.

NOSA: As a professional Meal Prepper, the trays are about the right size to get you through a week.

FOLLY: If you'd get bored of eating the same thing all week, another use case is Sunday Lunch. No one will even know you didn't cook it.

NOSA: Post church cooking can be stress, which explains why Southern Sun brunch on Sunday is always fully booked. So yeah, Ben's trays kinda make sense.


DRINK: South Socials

NOSA: Drink Lagos contributor, Lala, is doing a thing at South this weekend. 

FOLLY: Check out her hilarious last review of the drinks at Peppercorn

Presenting South Socials which starts this weekend. Come hang out with friends and other amazing people. pitchers, platters, shisha and more for you and your friends. Music by VVADA. Make sure to reserve a table so you can sit and have a great time with friends.
— Lala

LAGOS: Off Beat Live

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.27.13 PM.png

EMEKACome round to the Baroque Age Studio this Saturday. Let's jam to some urban dance tunes brought to you courtesy of AYE! and let's stream it all live for the culture to see & appreciate. 

When AYE! does some shit like this...You bring your bottle and dancing shoes. Call 0808 836 7920 when you arrive at the gate and we will get the security to let you in (Estate woes).