Drink Lagos: Café Jade


LALA: Café Jade has such a pretty space. I’ve been there twice and both times I was there for over five hours. It has this really comfortable vibe, definitely one of my top hang out spots. Love it! I wasn’t planning on reviewing Café Jade after my Peppercorn experience, but the waiter, Toyeeb, mentioned “Happy Hour” and I was sold. 

- All cocktails are N1500 at Happy Hour - 

The cocktail menu at Café Jade is not extensive but it’s appropriate for the spot. Having more cocktail options on a menu will never be a bad thing, but Café Jade’s approach worked. The cocktail options are  familiar and I was interested in finding out how good the mixes would be.

As Gbenga is still off alcohol until Lent is done, I invited a couple of friends to run through the Café Jade cocktails with me. We went with the Spiced Watermelon Margarita, Mudslide, Jade Cooler, Mint Julep and Caipirinha. 

Spiced Watermelon Margarita

LALA: This caught my attention immediately when I looked at the menu. It has tequila, watermelon, Café Jade’s margarita mix on the rocks, and jalapeño. It was so good and I also loved the presentation. I love spicy cocktails and I was so happy it lived up to the description. 

TAMARA: I'm not a fan of watermelon and I was a bit skeptical but this is such a good drink.


LALA: When I took a sip, I could taste all the components in the cocktail.  They all hit at you at the same time but were still so distinct.  Life felt so good in that moment.




LALA: I am not too sure why I ordered this. For starters, I am not a fan of creamy mixes so I already knew I wasn’t looking forward to it. The mudslide is a blend of Kahlua, Baileys, and vodka, and its topped with a huge amount of whipped cream. 


TAMARA: This drink wasn’t for me at all. There was just something off about the mix and it didn’t seem right.

TY: Honestly, it tasted like really bitter chocolate ice cream.

TEY: It definitely tasted like chocolate fan yogo.

LALA: I also couldn’t really taste the vodka. I was really just sipping on Baileys and whipped cream. Yuck!  

LALA: I guess this will work for you if you are a Baileys fan but there was just something wrong with the mix that gave it this off taste.


Jade Cooler

LALA: The Jade Cooler is a mix of iced tea, lemon, ginger ale, honey and Irish whiskey. I had really high expectations for this drink. 

TAMARA: I also had high expectations for this drink. I actually made Lala order it.


LALA: I expected it to be sweet with that whisky kick to balance it out. It also looked really good when the waiter brought it. Unfortunately, the Jade cooler was a disappointment. 

TAMARA: For me, it tasted like a drink you have when you have a sore throat but you still want to have alcohol.

LALA: It just tasted like ginger ale and ice tea on first sip. The ginger ale settled at the bottom of the glass so I decided to stir it. It got worse as it felt like the honey overpowered the drink and I was basically sipping on cold honey with a hint of ginger. No taste of the whiskey at all. Sigh.

TEY: It reminded me of Lemsip.


Mint Julep


LALA: The Mint Julep has bourbon, sugar and mint. We all agreed it was a really good mix. It tasted like exactly what it should taste like which is bourbon, the right amount of sugar and mint. 

TY: The mint was a bit too overpowering but it was still a good mix.




LALA: This had lime, sugar, and Cachaca. Cachaca is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane. The Caipirinha tasted so good.  

I always expect the worst from bartenders in Lagos when a cocktail has sugar as one of the components but we all agreed it had the right amount of everything.

Lala is the Founder and Head Consultant Marketing at Lala Alakija agency.  She also runs a cocktail club, Eko Cocktail Club, which you should join if you are a lover of cocktails and you are interested in partaking in creative boozy experiences. 


Good for: Brunch - Pre-Drinks – Groups

Food: Full Kitchen

Happy Hour: Yes (M-F. 2-7 pm) | Bottle Service: Yes | Wine: Yes | Beer: Yes



Spiced Watermelon Margarita - N2500

Mudslide - N2800 

Jade Cooler - N2000

Mint Julep - N2000

Caipirinha - N2000