EDL Weekender: Visit the NOK Beer Parlor for St. Patrick's Day

NOSA: St. Patrick's Day used to be one of my favorite fake holidays in college. All the bars had green beer and it's basically one big party. Good times. 

FOLLY: I, on the other hand, was never really into it. I also though Irish Car Bombs tasted foul. Surely, you can now tell who was the life of the party. 

NOSA:This weekend, NOK is doing a St. Pats thing on Saturday. I don't know if there'll be green beer, but there'll be lots of beer and it should be good fun.

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NOSA: This week's playlist is probably my favorite one in a while. The vibes are all over the place and it has a couple of songs I've been listening to a lot this week. 


Other stuff to get up to this weekend:


St. Patrick's Day @ BarBar

NOSA: Another St. Pats party! This time at my favorite barbershop-meets-bar, BarBar.

FOLLY: Unlike Nok, you can get Nosa's fave green beer here.

Expo: It's just regular beer with drops of food coloring. 


NOSA: There'll be lots of drinking games too so if you're game, make sure you RSVP




EMEKA: Love finding new communities around Lagos especially when they're free and you walk away with a new skill.


EMEKA: Also, Afropolitan Vibes is back this weekend for a 2 day festival Friday & Saturday


The Film & Wine Society Presents... Midnight

NOSA: If I wasn't super broke, I'd go to this. Alas, I am. If you aren't and you love wine, you should definitely do this. You don't even have to like movies.