Krispy Kreme is Now Open at Ikeja City Mall

NOSA: After what might be the most extensive pre-launch campaign I've ever seen in Lagos, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Lagos is officially open for business.


FOLLY: And with that, the free doughnut drops have come to an end. Krispy Kreme must have given out over 10,000 doughnuts throughout the month of February in Lagos - this is our unofficial estimate based on the number of "doughnut drops" they did across offices, cinemas, and events in Lagos.

NOSA: They did drops in traffic too!

NOSA: I mean, we saw it on instagram, but the brand confirmed it too. I don't think I've seen anything like this  at any other product launch in Lagos. It blew my mind a bit. 

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Lagos is officially open for business. And by the looks of things, the grand opening on March 10 was a massive success with the first 20 customers already in line the night before.

FOLLY: To be fair, Nigerians love free stuff and there were prizes for the first 300 people and the first person won a year’s supply of doughnuts and coffee.


NOSA: They definitely get some props from me on how they "mainstreamed" what appears to be a niche product. Shouts to the marketing team. 

Edmond Sassine, CEO of Quality Foods Africa, expressed his joy at seeing Lagosians turn up to welcome the first Krispy Kreme outlet in West Africa. According to him, 200 Nigerians have been employed so far with more to come as Krispy Kreme continues to grow in Nigeria.

NOSA: Word on the street is that there's an island store coming soon, on Bishop Aboyade Cole Street. Depending on how the first twos stores do, we'll probably get them all over the place like Dominos.