EDL Weekender: German Food and Palmwine Picnic

This weekend's playlist is a bit TBT-ish and filled with a bunch of my favorites from college parties. 

Here's what you should be getting up to this weekend:



The BBQ & Cravings Platter

NOSA: AKA Something Light. Breaded prawns, chicken tenders, and some others. Also, it's only available on weekends.

FOLLY: Heads up that Friday doesn't count as a weekend so you don't get disappointed like we did.


German Food at Lecker Cafe


NOSA: If you've never had German food, your opportunity. We wrote about our experience yesterday and we recommend it. For the experience, at least. 

FOLLY: We can't get into whether it's authentic or not as this is our first experience and we didn't have a German food expert opinion to go on.



Cocktails at The House


NOSA: The subject of this week's Drink Lagos. It's great for: Pre-Drinks, Groups, & Late Night Drinks. The Faux Buzz with a Buzz comes highly recommended. 

FOLLY: The bartender might profile you and make your drinks sweeter if you're a woman because "women like sweet" #Resist.





EMEKA: Lets get outside as much as we can before the rains come!

Bring your blanket, games, food, and drinks. We'll also have a keg of sweet palmwine for N500/cup. Samantha's will be offering N1K burgers, so no need to stress if you don't have time to bring food.

  • Time: 5:00PM
  • Fee: Open to All
  • Location: 2 Olawale Daodu Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

See You There!