EDL Weekender: Try Oysters at NOIR

After flourishing in Accra last weekend, we're back to Lagos sufferhead this weekend. This week's playlist is a good escape, however. 

Traffic yesterday might be a sign of things to come so you probably shouldn't leave your bubble. If you do, here are a couple fun things to do this weekend.

EAT: Oysters at NOIR


NOSA: Tried Oysters for the first time and it's the most lavish thing ever. If you pair it with the house white, you take it to the next level. 


EAT: Spicy Noodle Bowl at HSE Gourmet


FOLLY: HSE is easily the most consistent restaurant in Lagos. I have the same thing multiple times at the restaurant and it never falters. The spicy noodle bowl is my current fave. 

NOSA: I'm not a big noodle person so you should just take Folly's word for it. 


DRINK: Tiki Puka Puka at Zenbah


FOLLY: Christina, a member of our Drinks Squad checked out Zenbah. If you still don't know what the Drink Squad is, get hip here. Of the two drinks she tried, she recommends the Tiki Puka Puka -  she describes it as a fresher and more sophisticated Long Island. Read her full review here