Authentic Lebanese Food at Salma's


FOLLY: If you'd asked me before we checked out Salma's if I liked Lebanese food, I'd have said yes. If you asked me after Salma's, I'd have said no.

NOSA: Salmas is located in one of those “If you know, you know” hotels in VI. The same “compound” as Cactus and they even share a parking lot. 

FOLLY: By the number of Lebanese people in the restaurant, I'm left with two conclusions that it's pretty legit or Nigerian-Lebanese will always support their own. 

NOSA: I really like the space at Salma's. There’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s just so lovely. 

FOLLY: It's floor to ceiling marble too. 


FOLLY: We started with the usual - special hummus. The menu had about four different variations including one with boiled and unmashed chickpeas. Nosa veto-d that on sight. 

NOSA: The hummus was pretty meh. It fell a bit flat and I’ve honestly had better at a lot of places in Lagos. 


FOLLY: I had to allow the hummus at a point because it was too tangy - which is also the reason why I felt that I didn't like the experience at Salma's was that everything was overwhelmed by lemon and was unnecessarily tangy. 


FOLLY: Falafel hasn't been my thing maybe it's because I'm basic and that I like the more Westernized untraditional Lebanese.

NOSA: I don’t know why I keep ordering falafel because, at this point, I’ve completely forgotten what the one I ordered in New York tasted like. I was pretty drunk and I’ll probably never get that feeling back. This falafel didn’t taste like akara, if that says anything. 

For our mains, we go the Samke Harra, Batata Harra, and the Soujok Sandwich.


NOSA: The Samke Harra wasn’t what we were expecting. Thought we could explain it by our innate razzness so we decided to google it. According to the internet, this isn’t something that’s served cold, but according to the manager that’s how they do theirs.

Folly wasn’t too pleased. 

FOLLY: It was disappointing because the menu didn't state that it will be served cold. See I have really sensitive teeth so when I bite into something expecting that it is warm, but it's cold it really affects me. 

NOSA: We got comped calamari, which was great. 

FOLLY: The one dish that I enjoyed was the potatoes - even though overwhelming lemon-y. I did like it. 


NOSA: The potatoes were really lemon-y, but I liked them. There’s something about Lebanese food that really fascinates me. Their position on “spice” is something of an acquired taste. Acquired because it’s very different from what Nigerians come to expect. These potatoes were perfect explanation of it. I liked them, but I can see how a lot of people might not like it. 

The soujok sandwich wasn't particularly spectacular. Just imagine a shawarma, but with sujok inside. 



FOLLY: Nice restaurant but not for me. Popular with the Lebanese crowd, though. 

NOSA: If you really like Lebanese food, you'll like it




Falafel - N3300

Samke Harra - N4900

Special Hummus - N4400

Batata Harra - N3300

Soujok Sandwich - N2750



Limited parking in the Maroko Bayshore area, but you can park in the Cactus lot.