EDL Weekender: Folly at SLAY Festival

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this week's playlist is love-themed. It's not one that I created myself, however. 

I've listened to every edition of Modi's Singles Awareness Day playlists and it's one of the things I look forward to in the year. It's on Apple Music this year and I felt I had to share. 

Anyway, here's a couple of things you can get up to this weekend:


EAT: A Love Feast with Chef Imoteda

NOSA: This Saturday, Chef Imoteda and Aimanosi Lingerie are hosting a 3-course "Love Feast" at the lingerie store's new location. There'll be a 6 pm and a 9 pm sitting.

FOLLY: The Lamb Chops and Portobello mushrooms main has my name all over it.  

NOSA: Also, Aimanosi Lingerie is offering a 10% discount on lingerie to all guests.

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DRINK: Crossroads Beer Margarita

NOSA: Gbenga and Lala checked out Crossroads this week for #DrinkLagos and they had nothing but good things to say about the Beer Margarita. In Gbenga's words...

This to me is the best cocktail in Lagos, with regards to value for money, quantity and quality. With the large glass pitcher used, paying N3500 for this is almost a steal compared to what you get with the same amount in other spots. I really like this drink, so much so that it’s all I order whenever I come to Crossroads.
— Gbenga #DrinkLagos



SLAY Festival

NOSA: Our CEO (lol, it's hilarious when Instagram vendors do it) will be at SLAY Festival talking about the business and I'll be in the audience doing cheerleader stuff. Get tickets at slayfestival.com

FOLLY: I think I have some really good insights to share (if I do say so myself) - so please come and listen to my panel and ask all your burning questions.

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Valentine Block Light Party



A Pop-up Boxing Intensity Interval Training

NOSA: I've done this BIIT class before and it'll kick your ass BIG TIME. If it wasn't expensive as shit, I'd do it a lot more often. Thankfully, this one is free.

FOLLY: This one is free though so no excuses about the price.

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