#EatDrinkFestival Kitchen Battle: Chef Imoteda vs. Dobby's Signature

Our final kitchen battle saw Chef Imoteda take on Dobby's Signature and their theme was "Soup" and  the key ingredient was again the all-new Maggi Naija Pot cubes.


We definitely expected Dobby to take this round because soup isn't a thing that Imoteda is known for. Soup is very much up Dobby's alley and we thought it was unfair to pair them up. That said, Imoteda went to culinary school so she should be ready for anything thrown at her anyway.


And ready she was. This might have been the closest battle on the day. While Dobby went with the traditional soup, Imoteda put a big twist on the theme and surprisingly emerged victorious. We don't think the judges expected it either.

Thanks, again, to our amazing judges, Arit and Uzo, for judging this round.