Pairing Strongbow Apple Cider with Spicy Suya

NOSA: According to the internet, you pair sweet ciders with spicy food so we got a bit curious and decided to test it out. For our spicy side of things, we paid a quick visit to PizzeRiah.              

FOLLY: The first time I ever heard of PizzeRiah was from my cousin as “the place that sells suya pizza”. Several years later, their suya pizza is still a hit, I wish I could say the same for cough Domino’s cough.

A bit of a side note: why aren’t more beers sold on tap in Nigeria? We noticed the Heineken kegs that had Nigerian Breweries serial numbers right by the fridge so we figured that they can probably brew any beer into a keg for sale at bars. It’s probably a market thing - I don’t know if the Nigerian market wants Star or Gulder on tap.

NOSA: One day, we’ll find the answers. An answer we did find was how well Strongbow paired with spicy suya pizza.

2018-01-11 (2).png


FOLLY: Strongbow was definitely a good choice with the pizza. It was crisp and also not as fizzy as a soft drink or frothy like a beer.

NOSA: I think the dryness of the cider and the pepper in the suya worked pretty well together. Some sort of weird synergy despite the contrasting flavor profiles.

FOLLY: Strongbow is pretty light and not a beer, so it works well with a carb-heavy meal like pizza without making you feel stuffed (and bloated).

Although it’s really heavy in pop culture, pizza and beer is not a combo that I really enjoy because the beer fills me up quickly as does the pizza so I end up feeling like a whale.

NOSA: You can thank the carbonation for all of that. Strongbow is not as heavy as other alcoholic beverages so the lightness will naturally complement any heavy dish.

The long story out the way, this brings us back to our original question: does Strongbow pair well with spicy food?

FOLLY: Yes. Very well.

NOSA: The Strongbow Apple Cider and spicy suya pizza definitely went very well together.

To be fair, we might have cheated a bit on this test because I doubt there’s anything that doesn’t go with Strongbow. That said, give it a try and let us know what you think.