Putting the "Drink" in Eat.Drink.Lagos

One of our main objectives this year is to give Eat.Drink.Lagos a more range. While dining out and writing about it is great, there's so much more we could be doing. We realized this last year when we experimented a bit with video.

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Over our three year run, we've leaned heavily on the "Eat" part of our name and our coverage of the drinking scene has been close to shambolic. To fix that, we are introducing "Drink Lagos".



Bars in Lagos have gotten away with too much and they think they can't get these jokes. We'll have a little drink squad going around Lagos helping you make better cocktail, happy hour, and maybe bottle service decisions. 234.Rocks might even make a proper comeback. 

Beyond this, we'll be doing a couple more new things this year. Well, maybe not new per se, but new for us we'll create different content around niches we have occasionally covered. Travel, for instance, we're trying to do more of that this year. More themed weeks. More guest posts. More Eat.Drink.Lagos.