EDL Weekender: Barracuda and Cocktails

NOSA: The IJGBs have finally left us locals and our stressful Lagos traffic. I think I've averaged at least one "you're a bastard" per day this week. Started the year in flying form.

EAT: Barracuda Steak at Lighthouse


NOSA: There aren't many places that will offer you a proper fish steak in Lagos. Seafood in Lagos rarely goes beyond Point & Kill. Not at Lighthouse, however. I'm calling it early, despite its shitty location, Lighthouse will be one of 2018's breakout restaurants.


DRINK: Cocktails at NOIR

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FOLLY: Judging by the looks of the drink alone (which is a wrong approach) the bartender at Noir looks like he knows everything he is doing. Can’t wait to try!

NOSA: Speaking of "try", it's terribly kept secret that we are more "eat" than "drink" in Eat.Drink.Lagos. That changes next week. We'll have focused reviews for bars, lounges, clubs etc. It'll be our first proper venture out of "Nosa & Folly" centered reviews.


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