So, Did Delis Move or Not?

About Delis and D Cafe

A couple of weeks ago, we spotted this on Instagram:

Then I drove by the other night and spotted the cafe running like no announcement had been made. Had to stop over and find out.

It turns out Delis didn’t move from the Adeola Odeku location. Well, at least on paper.

The store below took over the space to set up their own cafe. Kept the name, but changed staff and menu.


So Delis still exists, but in a different and infinitely more expensive state. The N14,000 Lamb Chops can attest to that.

Jamski is now on Jumia Food

About a year ago, we wanted to venture into the food delivery business just from the sheer frustration at the options available. From fighting with the delivery guys for change to the absolute rubbish options available, a year ago, food delivery in Lagos was a mess.

It's less so now. You still have to fight with delivery guys for change, but the options are slowly getting better. Jumia Food,, in particular, has moved on from scraps they used to be. Almost like the new management realized quality > quantity. It started with the addition of Craft Gourmet (Lou might be a trash person, but she makes good food) and Bottles. Casper & Gambini and Sugarcane followed, and more recently, Jamski has signed up.

It's not a lot, but it's a step in the right direction. The big problem with e-commerce in Nigeria has been the quality of inventory. Ok, logistics might be the biggest problem, but lets ignore that for my argument's sake. The quality of inventory on Nigerian e-commerce platforms has been absolutely dire. With no attempt at curation, these guys basically tried to build mass businesses despite all the evidence pointing to the fact that not only is the market small, but it is a discerning one. 

Thankfully, Jumia Food isn't taking Mark Essien's advice.

Orchid House has opened a spot on the Island

Because Jesus is faithful and answers all prayers, Orchid House is opening a second location in Victoria Island. I mean, Apapa is cool but the pilgrimage isn't worth it.

Thank you Lord!

If you've never heard of Orchid House, read our review HERE

Mark Zuckerberg is definitely running for president