EDL Weekender: Fill Your Long Weekend with Palm Wine and Crepes

NOSA: Finally, we have another long weekend. This might be our last one till Christmas, I think. Better make this one count, lads.

This week's playlist is a bit different from the others. The Black Keys came on shuffle earlier in the week and I remembered how much I loved the band in college.

NOSA: Also, if you missed it, we posted a new video on our YouTube yesterday. You should watch it.

EAT: Kinder Mix Crepe @ Coffee Plus


NOSA: We posted about this on the blog this week. You guys will probably think I'm exaggerating, but it's so goddamn delicious. You have to try it this long weekend.


EAT: Shiro's Unreal Dim Sum Menu


NOSA: if you've been longing for Ping Pong and, like me, $ is too high for you to fly out, Shiro has an incredibly extensive dim sum menu. It's no Ping Pong, but it's close enough. We'll probably have a review up soon.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 1.06.27 PM.png

LAGOS: Lights Camera Africa 2017

Fee: Open to All

Location: Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

EMEKA: Great festival with quality independent cinema all for free! Kicks off on Friday, Sept 29 and goes till Sunday, Oct 1,2017.  Looking forward to catching Bariga Sugar, as the reviews are pretty high.




BONUS: Jameson Connects

Jameson resized 10.jpg

NOSA: If you don't have a ticket for this now, you're out of luck. But if you do, we'll be out there at the Old Running Shed looking for free alcohol.

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