EDL Weekender: A Pulled Pork Sandwich and a 7-Course Tasting Menu

NOSA: Issa weekend! Hope everyone had a productive week being cubicle warriors. You had no escalations and you reverted on all emails

FOLLY: I was late every day this week but today was the worst. The entire mainland was paralyzed no thanks to those damn trailers.

NOSA: Anyway, here's this week's playlist and a list of things to get up to this weekend. 

EAT: STR Burger @ BonGou

We might disagree on execution but BonGou gets it. They know what great BBQ should be. It might fall short of great, but it’s good enough.
— Nosa

FOLLY: You know you've blown when...

NOSA: Am I quoting myself? Why yes, I am.


EAT: Jollof Wars: The Paradox


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-21 at 1.37.34 PM.jpeg

NOSA: 7-course tasting menu at NOK this weekend.


LAGOS: Breakthrough Blogging Masterclass



NOSA: People get to see what we look like. Yay!

FOLLY: Do I have to get an MUA so my 8rs won't say I look like plain Jane again?


LAGOS: MoveNic



EMEKA: It's been a while since we've been outside. Get outside with a picnic and a movie. Bring a bottle, food, and a blanket. Also, bring some games! Don't have games? See someone playing? Join them!

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