EDL Weekender: Celebrate Chilean Independence Day at La Taverna this Weekend

This might be the least productive week that I, Nosa, have had all year. ICYMI, Folly checked out IKOYI while she was in London and gave us the lowdown

Playlist for the week is on Soundcloud because it's all about this new wave of Nigerian music. The last time we had a wave of independent Nigerian music this good, they all ended up with desk jobs when they grew up. Smh Nigeria is always happening to people.

DRINK: Chilean Independence Day


We know about 3-4 Chileans in Lagos and they all like their drink. If it's any indication, a Chilean Independence Day celebration will be the most lit rocks you'll find yourself at this weekend.

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EAT: Shrimp Pad Thai from Thai Thai

If you're looking at a long sleepy weekend, i.e. you have no rocks, you should try the shrimp pad thai from Thai Thai. It's delivery only and delivery is limited to Lekki, VI, and Ikoyi. If you're within the delivery radius, it's absolutely worth it.

Read our review HERE if you need some more convincing


LAGOS: Cinèma Mon Amour - "UN PROPHÈTE"


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Sentenced to six years in prison, Malik El Djebena cannot read or write. When he arrives in prison, alone in the world, he seems younger, more fragile than the other prisoners. He is 19 years old. Straightaway, he falls under the heel of a group of Corsican prisoners, who’s laws rule in the prison. The young man learns quickly. He hardens and gains the confidence of the Corsicans. But, very quickly, Malik uses all his intelligence to discreetly develop his own network.

EMEKA: Great film! It's free! And you can brush up on your french.

  • Time: 4:00 PM

  • Fee: Open to All

  • Location:  Bogobiri. 9a Maitama Sule, Ikoyi, Lagos

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