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Subject: Sunday English roast lunch/dinner

Message: Hello, please can you advise where in the lagos area apart from “Churchills” irrespective of cost you can get a good reliable English style roast lunch. Thank you & keep up the good work.
— MW

No restaurants come to mind, I'm afraid. Chef Benedict does a weekly Italian-style roast. It's a bulk order, which serves 6-8 people. Perhaps you can get a group of friends together and make a dinner our of it. 

If you're interested, you can email him at or  Or give him a call ‭‭at 0818 448 4168‬‬

Subject: Good place to pop the question

Message: Good day guys,

I really love and appreciate your blog. Please can you help me with good places on the island where its ideal for me to propose to my girl. I would really appreciate a reply.

— D

A couple of places we've recommended in the past:

  • Sky Lounge @ Eko Hotel
  • Uptown @ Avenue Suites
  • Tarragon

Personal reccommendation would be Sky Lounge because of the view.

Subject: Cake

Message: Please can you give me a rundown of amazing cake makers in Lagos. I need to get an amazing birthday cake.Thanks
— Opeyemi

We have a couple of favorites:

The Sweetspot


Phone: 0805 469 6167

Honey's Cupcakes


Phone:  0812 160 1289


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We made a little video comparing their cupcakes

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