EDL Weekender: Brunch, Tacos, and Miles Davis

NOSA: Long overdue 4-day weekend and Folly has left me to die in Lagos. Oh well, I'll hold down the fort until she's back from her trip.

The playlist takes vacations unlike Folly, however. It'll always be here for you and it's long enough for a long weekend.

EAT: La Brioche's Champagne Brunch


La Brioche's Champagne Brunch is live this weekend. The Lunch Club tried it last weekend and the mimosas were as bottomless as promised.

la brioche champagne brunch-12.jpg

EAT: Sao Platter Thursdays


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EAT: Tacos @ El Padrino


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DRINK: NOK Happy Hour



LAGOS: OMI - An Introduction to Tribal Futurims



EMEKA: Sounds interesting. Get some Art in your life this weekend.