EDL Weekender: Introducing BBQ & Cravings 3.0

NOSA: Been a busy week here on Eat.Drink.Lagos. We checked out the new RSVP menu, got a couple friends to drink beer, and made a big announcement. And that's not all either. If you're a Lunch Club member, expect a little announcement in your email this weekend. Exciting times!

Anyway, here a couple things you can get up to this weekend and a sweet little Afrobeats playlist I made to accompany your adventures.

FOLLY: Ugh Nosa really things he's a lounge DJ. Naturally, his dream venue is RSVP Poolside. 

EAT: BBQ & Cravings 3.0

NOSA: Looks like menu revamps are now a thing in Lagos and I'm so here for it. This time, it's BBQ & Cravings.

1) We are now open 9am - 10pm Tuesday to Sunday :-)

2) Beginning Aug 2, we launched a new Breakfast Menu

3) We will be launching a new item every week this month.
— Olumide

DRINK: Red Splash @ Backyard

NOSA: If you like your red wine and your cocktails, you'll love this. Got this the other night and it was absolutely brilliant.

FOLLY: My money is still on the Sue's Elixir - tell them Folly sent you abeg. 


LAGOS: Game of Thrones S7 - Viewing Party


EAT. WATCH. DISCUSS. Buckle up GOT fans! The wait is over for the premiere of Season 7! Toasties &, Ethnique Restaurant invite you to join us for a show recap, some good food, and a stimulating conversation.

EMEKA: There will be a discussion after the show, so come ready with your fun facts & questions. If you watched episode 3, you know this is going to be a sweet discussion.


BONUS: Palmwine Sessions with Show Dem Camp


NOSA: Palmwine Music is such a great great EP. Unbelievably good. Lost in the noise that was the Wizkid project, this might have been easy to miss. If you haven't had a listen to this SDC joint, Sunday is your chance.

FOLLY: 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️