Eat.Drink.Lagos Taste Test: Pizzeriah

NOSA: I like to think I know my pizza. A pizza connoisseur, perhaps. Meanwhile, shout out to auto-correct because there's no way I'd have spelt connoisseur by myself.

Anyway, where was I?  Yeah, my family lived in Italy for a year when I was little so I know a couple things about how a great pizza should taste. Leading scholar on all things pizza in Lagos, in fact. Just Lagos sha. A bit like how all the chefs in Lagos can't be called "chef" outside Lagos. Yeah, same stuff. 

NOSA: As the leading scholar on all things pizza in Lagos, Pizzeriah has one of the best pizzas in Lagos but you Eat.Drink.Lagos readers like to disagree with me on stuff. So, today, we got two readers - Folarin and Somto - to share their unbiased thoughts on Pizzeriah. Unbiased because we literally blindfolded them and they had no clue what pizza they were trying.