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NOSA: Folly is super busy today so you guys might have to make do with just me on Ask today. Don't worry, I know stuff too.

Like always, for the simple-ish questions, ask the bot. For everything else, ask us...or just me in this case.

Subject: Garden/Waterview Vibe

Message: Hi Guys,
I love reading your reviews. I have a question, it’s non-food related but I think you might be able to help me out. I need to find a garden with a waterview for a wedding in Lagos. Would you happen to know of any locations besides Ibru Gardens?
Thank you in advance for entertaining my non-food related question!
— Abi Folz

NOSA: BIC Gardens is the first place that comes to mind and it's no where as good as Ibru. Another option, though, is Federal Palace Hotel. They have that lawn area that hosts the expat food festival.

Subject: Can i join you....?

Message: Hello Nosa and Folly,

I am a great fan! I am relatively new in Lagos and I really love your blog and so far the great recommendations on your site have lived up to expectations. I have a wild random suggestion, can i join the two of you in one of your upcoming restaurant reviews? You can just email time and venue and i will show up.

Kind Regards,
— Walter

NOSA: Issa bit weird. What if you're one of the people that wants to kick our ass? Not taking that risk.

Subject: Surprise Dinner for Fiance

Message: Hi,
I’m thinking of having a surprise birthday dinner for my fiancé. Approximately 12 people, good ambience, good food and drinks- wine inclusive. Talindos steak house is being considered but need more options. Budget is 100k, but can squeeze in a few more.

— Tika D

NOSA: Tarragon, for me. If "fine dining" isn't your thing, however, I say you try 1415 (Eko Signature) or RSVP.

Subject: Ask Eat Drink

Message: Hey guys!

I have been craving duck for the longest time. Are there any restaurants in Lagos that serve quality duck dishes?

Thank you
— AM

NOSA: The new menu at RSVP has a duck dish on it apparently. Haven't been so I can't give you my thoughts on it.

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