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Subject: Pork!

Message: Hey!

Been craving pork for quite a while now and I will love to know where I can get a decent pork meal (perhaps a sandwich or a full dish) anywhere in Lagos (asides from HSE Cafe, Toasties and Smokey Bones)
If you can advise which spots are affordable or expensive that will help too.

— Kiki

FOLLY: If you're lucky and it's available when you visit, Shiro has pork belly.  

NOSA: I was going to say Toasties, but yeah... 

BL has great ribs also. 

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hiiii,
My birthday is on friday and my boyfriend and I will like to go somewhere lavish with beautiful ambience. Budget 30k for just the both of us, where do you suggest?
— Pearl

FOLLY: Sky Lounge.  

NOSA: I vote for Tarragon (only if you like fine dining) or Verandah, which is one of my favorite places in Lagos right now. 

Involtini Alla Fungi @ La Veranda

Involtini Alla Fungi @ La Veranda

Good morning,

Great work you guys are doing at Eat Drink Lagos. Keep up the good work.

Please call you suggest a few restaurants on the island for a birthday dinner. Buffet style or something.

Would appreciate your help.

— Anon

FOLLY: Check out our buffet guide here.  

NOSA: or you can check out our favorite restaurants of the month

The French @ South

The French @ South

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