Work Lunches: My Green Apron


NOSA: I heard about My Green Apron sometime last year. Probably through one of the fitfam instagrams, can’t remember which one. They were strictly a meal plan service. Well, not just the plan but the actual food. Sometime this year, however, they expanded to a lunch delivery service and automatically entered our purview.

FOLLY: I'm pretty sure I sent their Instagram page to you but hey a prophet is never really celebrated at home.

NOSA: Before we get into the review, I think I should mention that it was raining on the day we ordered so there’s a bit of context to our comments in the review.

FOLLY: It wasn't raining in my neck of the woods and I didn't see any rain when I got to the Island but I guess. 

NOSA: I ordered the Sweet Potato-rita, but I got sent fried yam. I don’t hate yam (I’m from Edo State), but that’s not what I ordered. Would’ve been nice if I got a little heads up before it got delivered so I could mentally prepare myself for cold yam.

FOLLY: I don't like fried yam and I'm not from Edo state so I was very displeased by this but that's not what displeased me the most. The biggest pain point of ordering My Green Apron was that I placed my order before 10am as instructed and PREPAID and I received my order at 4.21 pm. 

Rain or no rain, that's absolutely unacceptable. The communication was also bad on their end because I had to first reach out at 2.33pm that I hadn't received my order. They then said that the rider was on his way to me (on the mainland, Ilupeju to be precise) but due to rain on the Island their progress had been slowed.

NOSA: The fish was pretty good actually. Folly might disagree, but I thought it par for the course as far as fish goes.

FOLLY: Fast forward to me finally receiving the food.

I had said on the phone that I hope that the food won't arrive cold and I was assured that it was coming in a cooler bag so would certainly still be warm.


As expected, it arrived stone cold and the driver then argued with me that it was warm. I asked him to feel the container, he said it's warm when it was obviously cold. Like someone saying I'm white when I'm obviously black. 

I ended up throwing most of the food away after tasting it because fried yam is not my thing nor is titus fish. I didn't have access to a microwave to warm the food so I had to eat it stone cold and it didn't taste good enough for me to endure eating cold food.



NOSA: For what it is, it’s good enough. Maybe I set my expectations too low to start with, but I felt it was good enough. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t make myself, but Jesus knows I’d never make it myself. So that’s pretty much what you pay for. Meals you can cook but you’re way too lazy to do it yourself.

FOLLY: I completely disagree with Nosa and this was my absolute worst "work lunch" experience. The rain isn't an excuse in my book because I've ordered food from Green Grill House before and some really heavy rain came out of nowhere and it still didn't take me 6 hours to get my food.  Even with Sydney's Cuisine there's a light at the end of the tunnel for a late order, it'll at least be delicious and warm. No Bueno - at all.

NOSA: My Green Apron is perfect if you’re Nosa and meal prepping is stress. My Green Apron is not perfect, however, if you’re Nosa and you don’t have plenty monies.





Yamarita with Grilled Fish - N2000



Victoria Island - N500

Mainland - N1000