Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 100: The Sugar Daddy Edition

Subject: Suggestions for affordable restaurants for a nice birthday dinner

Message: Hi Nosa, just stumbled on your blog.. my friend wants to have a birthday dinner for like 14 people. can you suggest nice and affordable restaurants we can use. thanks
— T U

NOSA: Budget? Location?

Or you can just check out the bot

Subject: celebratory lunch

Message: hey guys,
a special occasion for a friend of mine is coming up in a few days and I want to host a little Sunday lunch w a few friends for her. Everything I’ve researched so far is either too pricey or too mundane. Please please please I would appreciate a FEW recommendations for Sunday lunch that has really nice food & would be light on the wallet (the lighter the better). Guest count is about 5-7 people tops and budget is embarrassingly low... I know it seems like I’m asking to have my cake & eat my cake (*what with the dollar exch rate) but I’m in dire need of a dealbreaker restaurant and soon.

— anon

NOSA: Check out the lunch buffet at Hotel Bon Voyage.

FOLLY: Crust & Cream depending on your definition of embarrassingly low. 

Subject: Looking for a Sugar Daddy and Boyfriend.

Message: Hey FOLLY, I’m new to Lagos and I just want to know. Do you know any good hangouts that I can probably be too and I’ll find rich men or rich boyfriends???
— Beverly Lily

NOSA: Art installations.

FOLLY: Eko Hotel pool bar but they will probably throw you out before you have a chance to meet HIM because they are sexist and frown upon single girls dining/sitting alone.

Subject: Alternative dining

Message: Hey. I’m looking for restaurants with a different experience from just sitting at a table. Or one with a different interior. Preferably cheap
— Folusho Ola

NOSA: As per, stand and eat?

FOLLY: Urban Fuxion. Issa food truck. 

Subject: Private dining for Two in Lagos on the island.Private dining for Two in Lagos on the island.

Message: Private dining for Two in Lagos on the island.
— Didi

FOLLY: You can get a Lagos based chef to come to your house and prepare the food. Check out Chef Imoteda, Chef Benedict or Chef Fregz. They are all on Instagram 

Subject: Ambience

Message: Hi,
I need to get cozy with my crush.
Where would you recommend, in VI preferably, that has nice low couches, dim lights, and good food. Somewhere that isn’t necessarily private dining, but feels intimate and personal.
No budgetary concerns.
— Scoo Bee

NOSA: If it has nice low couches, you're surely not trying to eat, right? Casper & Gambini has really low couches on the left side of the restaurant. Nok can be very intimate and personal at night.

FOLLY: Orchid Bistro Express in Ikoyi can be intimate but the lighting is not dim. Utopia is actually dim has low chairs, nice food but I can't speak to how intimate it is when it gets full as we went when it was empty. 

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