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I was wondering where to get the best bread and butter pudding in Lagos. It’s for my pregnant friend who has an intense craving. Help!
— Z

FOLLY: You can order from SALT Lagos. Disclaimer: I've never had it, only seen pictures on Instagram.

Subject: My 21st Birthday

Message: Hi Folly & Nosa!! My 21st birthday is coming up in July and I am looking for a nice, cool and fun place for my friends and I to hang out... pls help!!! I am a chronic introvert and I don’t know anywhere but it should be affordable ooo... thank you.. xoxo...

FOLLY: I don’t have enough information to make a suggestion. So my advise is to use the bot to pick a place based on budget, location and headcount and then use blog reviews to determine which of the suggestions works best for the ambience you’re going for. 


Subject: Need advice on dinner

Message: Good evening,

Need your advice on dinner for 2 at Basilico Italian Restaurant with a price range of ten thousand each. I tend to be conservative with food, but my spouse is on the adventurous side with food. and i have not done Italian before, so i am totally blank.

Thank you

FOLLY: If your budget is 10k each, I’d advise against Basilico.

NOSA: Yeah, abort mission on Basillico.

FOLLY: You can probably check our Talindo or 1415.

NOSA: Actually, check out La Verandah. It's my favorite one.

Subject: Birthday DATE with the boyfriend

Message: Hi guys,

So my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up soon.....and I really want to take him out for fine dinning, the only thing is that he is super selective(NOT A FAN OF THAI,INDIAN OR ASIAN FOOD) & also I feel we have been to most of the romantic spots in Lagos...So please advise on where I can take him to that has an amazing ambience and a diverse menu...Budget is 25,000...:)

Many thanks.
— S.O

FOLLY: Utopia.

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