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Through the magic of the internet and computers, it appears some local businesses have found themselves victims to false Google Business listings. The fraudsters switch out legitimate contact information for fake ones. When an unsuspecting customer calls in, you're directed to make a bank transfer to fraudsters.

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Green Grill House

Nuts About Cakes

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hello, so its my birthday in july and i need suggestion for a good chinese restaurant for dinner, guest of 4 and my budget is 25k, i need somewhere affordable and i tried marco polo earlier in the year, was good, need some place like that or better, Thanks.

NOSA: If you want more of the same, try Pearl Garden or Zen Garden

FOLLY: Or Mr. Chang.  

Subject: Mum’s Birthday and Family Reunion Dinner

Message: So two of my sibliings just got back and absolutely know no where, it’s my Mum’s birthday and we want to go some where Fancy with good food. It’s 5 of us, with a budget of 40k above, I don’t think it should exceed 70k though. I was thinking Shiro but I’m not sure of their menu, absolutely love the ambiance though...what say you?
— OkuB Of Jand

NOSA: If you like sushi, you should give Shiro a shot. Your budget can take it.

Another option is RSVP. The menu has been revamped if you haven't been in a while. 

FOLLY: Casper & Gambini's is nice too.  

Subject: Great Dinner venue - ambience like Shiro

Message: I am looking for a dinner venue with the ambience of Shiro or close. 1st date Shiro so need to up it on 2nd date. No budget constraints.
— Luke Akayi

NOSA: Started with Shiro? You're going to run out to places to visit, mate. Probaby have to fly her to Nobu by the third date. Jokes aside, your next step has to be NOK or maybe Izanagi.

FOLLY: I disagree with Izanagi as the ambience is no where close to Shiro's. I think Utopia could work. 

Subject: Wedding reception

Message: Hello, can you please recommend any restaurant that can accommodate 40 people and with a budget of 5k per head for food and drinks. Thank you
— Scout Finch

NOSA: I'll be honest, I haven't got a clue. Tried the bot and it broke. Maybe someone in the comments can help.

Subject: Prices

Message: Why is everything that high the food internet airplane tickets why so expensive
— Steve Leftwich

NOSA: I know the feels, Steve. This is how I handle it.

Subject: Bridal shower for 15-20

Message: Hi, I am looking for the restaurant with a private dining area where I can have a get together/bridal shower for a sister. Please recommend.
— kami koni

NOSA: If you're going to spend money, 1415 has a space in the back.

FOLLY: No private dining but La Brioche is cute.  

Subject: For the love of PANCAKES!

Message: Where can I find really great pancakes, please? Bistro 7 used to do it for me but their texture has gone south in recent times; all dry, heavy and uninspired. They still get an A for variety though, I’ll give them that.
— Eka O

NOSA: Lou is a dickhead, but Craft Gourmet has a nice one.

FOLLY: Pancake Hub but I've only been once so I can't fully vouch.  

NOSA: Pancake Hub used to be good, but since they started serving spag, I can't trust them anymore.

Subject: Chopsticks review

Message: Would it be possible for me to get a review on chopsticks emperior cuisine Ikeja before Saturday?
— Tade

NOSA: Wow, a deadline. Is there a budget too?

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