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NOSA: Before getting into ask today, I want to share something.

Monthly shipments of Wagyu in this our Lagos or a different one?

LOL, you must be bloffin', mate.

Subject: App

Message: Do you guys have an app? If not have you considered one? I’d love to have your app on my phone. Thanks
— Riddim Jollof

NOSA: We really don't see a need for an app at this time. We do have a bot though. 

FOLLY: Most of our users come to our sight via web searches.   

NOSA: If you can give a concrete usecase for an app, please drop a line in the comments. I'm open to listening.

Subject: Weekend Getaway

Message: Hi.

I was wondering if you have a romantic weekend getaway idea for my bf and I. Urgently needed. Thanks
— Arit Berry

NOSA: In Nigeria? Maybe one of the resorts. Cassie Daves has a post on local getaways that might interest you.

In Lagos, you can try La Campagne Tropicana. I've heard pretty good things.

FOLLY: Or Casa Del Papa in Cotonou. 

Subject: Best sharwama on the island

Message: What are the best sharwama spots on the island?
— Daniella L

NOSA: Murphis Plaza, probably.

Subject: Birthday Outing

Message: Hi guys, love the blog. So it’s my birthday in a few weeks and I’m looking for a nice lounge where I can just go and chill out with a few friends. No more than 20, I’m not going for dinner I just need a place with good ambience, nice music and lots of alcohol and maybe a little bit of chops sha but nothing overly serious and nothing too expensive please I have a budget of about 70k. Your suggestions are needed. Thanks
— Onyx G

FOLLY: 70k isn't enough for twenty people even if it's just drinks. That's N3,500 per head and that's the average price for a cocktail in Lagos.  

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: It’s my 18th birthday in July and I’m looking for an affordable place to have dinner with friends. Keyword, affordable. We’ll be about 3 or 4. And my budget is 20k. Thanks ^^
— Audrey IV Hepburn

NOSA: 4 people at 20k, that's about 5k per head (without tax). You might be able to squeeze a salad/sandwich at Delis.


FOLLY: Big maybe, but Crust and Cream.  

Subject: Crab(s) In Lagos

Message: What restaurant in Lagos has crabs. Ocean basket does not.

Any recommendations?
— Kode K

NOSA: Does the crab in Seafood Okra count? Because you aren't any standalone crab dishes in Lagos.

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