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Hello friends! Looks like it's just going to be Nosa on Ask today.

Subject: Nice hangout place for a team of 13

Message: Hi, guys! I need a nice place to meet with my team of 13 people. We have a budget of 5K per head so nothing overly fancy but a place with a decent meal, drinks, and nice ambiance on the mainland. I really hope you can help!
— FK

NOSA: If you're in Ikeja, I'd recommend Londoners

Subject: My friends 20th

Message: I’m looking for a nice restaurant (affordable)with a diverse menu and really nice music because we love to dance a lot,
— Skittles

NOSA: Sao Cafe, in Lekki, might work. Or Rhapsody.

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Subject: Looking for nice restaurants to pop the question.

Message: Hi! I was wondering if you guys could help with suggestions of very nice restaurants to pop the question. A place with a really nice ambience, where the staff is pleasant and it would be nice if they had spaces for private dining, out of the view of the entire restaurant. Where it could just be intimate, jusr the both of them. Thank you! Not iffy about costs so please recommend your best. Thank you!

NOSA: That's a big one. If I was proposing any time soon, I'd do it at Sky Lounge. The view is amazing and the staff will definitely hook you up with the works.

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