Cinco de Mayo in Lagos: What to do ?

Cinco de Mayo was easily our favorite thing in university. Drinking is already fun by itself, but making a festive event out of it takes it to another level.

Before you come in with "you people do this in Lagos" spiel, gargle on some rocks and stop being a spoilsport. For the rest of you who like happy things, here are the 3 major Drinko, I mean, Cinco de Mayo rocks for you to enjoy. No, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. 

Toasties by BiscuitBoneBlog

We're really looking forward to this because

  1. The tacos are delicious
  2. The lawn in front of it has potential


Last year, Bottles did nothing for Cinco de Mayo. Nothing at all.

This year, however, they have put something together. Not sure if the 'ritas are half price, but we're making progress.



If you've been to Crossroads on Thursday, you know what to expect here.