An Overdue Cactus Revisit


NOSA: On Twitter the other day, we talked about Lagos restaurants that have been in existence for 10 years and Cactus came up. It’s real easy to forget Cactus exists. Well, for me, at least. The location is so weird, for starters.

When you do remember and swing by, you’re like “oh, why don’t I come here often?”. Then you hear all the kids making noise and you remember exactly why.

FOLLY: I'm going to need to talk to a Lagos parent as to why Cactus is a go to spot for families. Maybe it's the large space or the parrot out front because I don't really understand why.

TL;DR - We went to Cactus again…

…and I got the Cuban Sub.

FOLLY: As advised by me.

Cactus Victoria Island0004.jpg

NOSA: As you can see, that’s no sub. But I’ll let Cactus slide because

  1. It was on Ciabatta

  2. You can find Ciabatta in Lagos?

  3. The ciabatta was delicious as shit.

Cactus Victoria Island0001.jpg

FOLLY: One of my go-to orders is Penne Pasta so that's what I ordered at Cactus. I find it very easy to judge pesto cause I've had it several time and made it too so I'm pretty confident on what it should look and taste like.

FOLLY: Cactus' pesto felt really watered down i.e. there was a lot of cream with a sprinkling of basil here and there. They didn't use pine nuts in their version either. It was topped with a generous helping of parmesan which I liked but the pesto sauce wasn't really the one.

Cactus Victoria Island0003.jpg

NOSA: The salad thing on the side was weird so we’re just going to talk about happy and pleasant things. The sandwich, itself, was pretty good. It’s not an elite sandwich or anything, but it gets the job done. Think Kelly in Destiny’s Child.

Cactus Victoria Island0008.jpg

FOLLY: Kelly in Destiny's Child was phenomenal and you're rude.

Cactus Victoria Island0000.jpg
Cactus Victoria Island0005.jpg


NOSA: Cactus is easily the most consistent spot in Lagos and for what it is, that’s very high praise.

FOLLY: It's expensive though.

NOSA: Nah, I disagree.


The Cactus Submarine - N3400

Pesto Chicken - N3300



For Lagos, very very good.