EDL Weekender: NOK, Fabrics and Dyes

EAT: Thank NOK it's Friday

NOSA: NOK is getting a platter. Like, a proper ting. So yeah, that's that move for this weekend and it should be yours too, to be honest.

FOLLY: The only thing holding me back is that salary alert never show. 


LAGOS: Urban Variety Sessions

EMEKA*: A night of Urban delights. Cruise from Dance Hall to Trap to Grime to Rap to Genre bending - mash ups, house music and all urban genres between. @djjoey_ & @aye_of_vss chef up delicacies - served to you at The Underground on Saturday night!

Free Sambuca shots for ladies wearing black, red & blue. Slide into the night with Urban Variety Sessions.


BONUS: Fabrics & Dyes


NOSA: An exhibition from Mode, one of our faves, this weekend. I really liked her last exhibition on local drinks so I'm a bit excited for this one.

FOLLY: Mode is so thorough in all her exhibition so no doubt this is going to be a very immersive experience, can't wait to see it.