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Subject: Romantic Dinner for 2

Message: Hello,

I want to take my boyfriend out to dinner on his birthday this month and I want somewhere really special. I have been to sky lounge but after reading your reviews, I have opted for 1415 Italian Restaurant (I do not want any disappointments or surprises)

Please assist with suggestion on the tasty starters, main dish and dessert selection to pick from. (You feel will make an impression on him - ‘he’s a culinary expert’*wink*)

Fingers crossed.
— Anonymous

NOSA: For starters, calamari is always my go-to.

Golden Fried Calamari and Prawns

If your boyfriend likes his steak, i.e. he doesn't get it well done, then he should definitely try one of the steaks. If he doesn't, just play it safe and get one of the pastas.

Subject: Suggestions for Venue for Going Away Party

Message: Hello EDL!

I was hoping you could help with suggestions on a suitable location for the going away party of one of the senior execs in our office. Somewhere with soft music, a microphone, enough space for 50 people and affordable menu? Please and Thanks!
— Tani

NOSA: You'll probably need a private venue. You could try Rooftop. It's in the same space as Talindo and the owner is pretty chill, i.e. flexible.

Sugarcane also has a private room, but I've never been so I can't tell you if it'll fit 50 people.

Subject: Where can I host 30 guests for my birthday

Message: Hi, great job. Very helpful. Its my 30th. Looking for a family friendly restaurant( I’ll have my 2 kids with me and I’m expecting 1/2 of my friends to come with theirs as well) private area won’t be bad. Somewhere nice enough to wear a dress n heels to but quite pocket friendly.
— Simi A

NOSA: Nice enough to wear heels and child friendly doesn't really exist, if I'm being very honest. If you care more about the kids, go to Spurs. If you care about dressing up, try Insignia. It's not too expensive and can be fancy.

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Mommas birthday is Sunday ,want to take her for a dinner somewhere on the island that’s classy budget is 20k ish any idea where to go ???
— Ig

NOSA: Take her to HSE Gourmet in Lekki.

Avo Bacon & Smoked Cheese Salad

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