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Subject: Planning a birthday dinner on the island

Message: Nice work with your website. It has saved a lot of lives. Long story short, I am planning on having a dinner for my birthday this coming weekend. I need your advice on an excellent buffet enabled restaurant/hotel/food court that offers dinner buffet for N7,000.00 or less. Preferably on the island in VI or Lekki Phase one. I will be anticipating your reply. God bless
— AT

FOLLY: Protea Hotel, VI. I'm not 100% the price of their dinner buffet but the bring is N6000 and dinner is usually slightly more so thereabout or N8000 should be expected. 

NOSA: Or Bon Voyage.

Subject: Surprise Birthday.. it’s Urgent please

Message: Good Evening,

Having a surprise Birthday party for my fiance in a few days. Was thinking Bungalow but read your review and i’m not too impressed besides its too pricey. Can i get suggestions on where to take him and a guest of 15 to please. Somewhere on the island, dont mind a very good buffet, 8k tops per person, somewhere we can chill, have drinks and party after eating.

Hope to hear from you soon.
— LA

FOLLY: 8k per person with drinks is a bit tight. No?

NOSA: It's reaaal tight.

FOLLY: I think La Taverna Lekki would work cause there's enough space for a big group and their drinks aren't too pricey. The fact that they have a tapas menu also helps because you can get several items for the table in sharing sizes. 

NOSA: I agree with Folly. Taverna Lekki, or maybe NOK Garden.