We're Looking for Writers

Eat.Drink.Lagos needs writers.

This weekend, we got robbed and the criminal made way with our phones and camera. He basically made away with our #content for the week. That got us thinking a whole lot. About life, obvs, and about Eat.Drink.Lagos as well. We’ve reached a point where the site needs to move beyond us. Lawyers call this “Perpetual Existence” or something like that.

We were actually thinking about it before then but that was a good hook. Eat.Drink.Lagos wants to expand our coverage of food in Lagos…AND Abuja, and we’re paying.

We're looking for writers who can create original and engaging stories. We’re looking for digital-first content creators immersed in the culture of the internet.

Not food, but the internet. Because food is easy, the internet is hard.

A 1,500-word think piece on the cultural importance of ogogoro is just as welcome as a 500-word listicle on what to expect in a small chops pack.

So, if you think this is something up your alley, we want you to join us as we try to create a culture of food. Rates, which depend on the nature of content, will vary from 7k - 15k per piece.

To “apply”, send a story or pitch to editor@eatdrinklagos.com. Let’s talk!

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