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NOSA: It's been FOREVER since we did this. I think the Bot is solving real problems now. I just wish you guys took this opportunity to ask us the real tough questions like "how to get over a breakup" or "what to eat when your boyfriend is cheating". Let us help you, guys!

Subject: 21st birthday

Message: Hi. Great blog. Please I need help with a place that offers cheap-ish dinner buffet services on Saturdays. Preferably on the island. Private spaces for groups would be nice too and I don’t mind if it’s a hotel or whatever. Thanks
— B.N

FOLLY: The only cheap buffet I know on the island is BLD but I wouldn't advise you to do that. Protea Hotel has a buffet service that is N6000 for breakfast, dinner is likely to be more expensive but you can use that to extrapolate.

NOSA: There's a really cheap one on Karimu Kotun in VI. It's called Monty's Buffet. I can't vouch for it because I've never been, but it's like N2500 or something ridiculous like that.

Subject: Italian

Message: Am trying to find unaffordable nice italian restaurant I can take my family to, for them to try italian food. But nothing too pricey though
— K.U

FOLLY: Verandah at the Blowfish Hotel

NOSA: Yeah, what she said.

Subject: more ikeja reviews required

Message: hi,
i like your site...i live in ikeja... please make some reviews of the following places...

bungalows ikeja (they had an amazing sunday brunch well worth the N8,000)

yellow chilli ikeja

chinese restaurants: new china, zen, chopsticks. they keep stealing each others chefs so quality always change
londoners(an institution of ikeja)
rhapsody ikeja

also why not do a review of the shrine. they have some good nigerian food(the mama’s kitchen is good), also the street stalls outside serve good roadside indomie with eggs also drinking road-side skwichies is a must.

another favorite of mine is University of Suya on allen avenue. i have island friends who come to ikeja claiming to see me, but i know its the suya! i think its the best suya in lagos (there is always a queue starting from 5pm to 3-4am), altho maryland people swear by ‘The Suya Spot’ in Mende(maryland mall road).

i do some photography, i did some restaurants in VI and also some hotels in Ikeja. i can help you with these if required. i’d do it for free(with photo credit) if it is not too much out of the way.

— kaustav

NOSA: You're absolutely right. We've been slacking on our Ikeja reviews and that's something we're going to fix in the coming weeks.

We've reviewed Zen Garden and Londoners, however. Enjoyed both.

Subject: Thank You So Much!

Message: Hi there,

I just want to say “thank you” to you guys for making my job easy without even knowing the major help you render.

I work with a Multi-National company and we are usually, always in need of a place for “fine-dinning” especially when we have expats visiting (which is quite regular). Sometimes, there is the need to find good places for sendforths, breakfast with Directors or brunch and the thing is, you musn’t repeat same place thrice (at most four times unless the food can give everlasting life) so google was usually my friend but with loads of struggles.

Then I found Eat.Drink.Lagos sometime in 2015 and all I have to do is one click, find one spot I haven’t been to or even know exists, read the reviews from the hilarious-duo and everything is alright with the world.

Although it’s not fantastic all the time, but the help is tremendous.. :)

Thank you guys so much for the work so far.. I’m sure I am not the only one who fancies a Eat.Drink.World but one step at a time ‘cause you guys are just awesome.

I just got a “Well-done B... Good choice” speech hence my plenty sermon right now.

Thanks Nosa and Folly.

Do have a great day further.
— B

NOSA: Thank you soooo much. This actually means a lot to us.

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