Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXXVIII

Subject: Fun date night

Message: Hello guys, I am a huge fan and visitor to your blog, I was wondering if you could recommend a nice restaurant, cafe, deli or any fun spot for a date night with my significant other. We love a nice ambience with awesome cocktails and entertainment, has to be on the island on a weekday and there should be something happening other than people eating and minding their business. I will really appreciate if you guys could recommend someplace other than bottles, Hard Rock Cafe, Casper’s. thank you for all your good work.
— AJ

FOLLY: 355 Wednesdays?

Subject: Chinese restaurants

Message: Hi, please I’m looking for a decent Chinese restaurant in lagos - ikeja and environs. Any suggestions?
— Chioma N

FOLLY: Zen Garden is good.

NOSA: That's about the only one there, I believe.

Subject: birthday

Message: Hi,

I am looking for a nice place to go have drinks with my friends on my birthday.
venue should be on the island or Lekki.
any recommendations?
— Mama Mama

FOLLY: Arabesque or Sao Cafe. 

NOSA: Yeah, if it has to be Lekki, you should do Sao

Subject: Bridal Party

Message: Hello EDL,
I’m planning a sit-out bridal party lunch for a colleague and I’m having a little trouble finding a perfect spot.
I’m looking for somewhere in Ikeja GRA or its environs, something cozy and nice, not too busy, great menu, perfect ambiance and most especially gooooooood food.
Please help me with my search and maybe reviews and pricelists.
Awaiting your reply, thanks.

Warm regards,
— Alima.

NOSA: There are 4 major Ikeja options. Based on our preference...

Depends mainly on your budget and what you're looking for.


— AA

NOSA: We haven't announced a date. When we do, we'll make an announcement via our channels.  For more info, check out


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