Pear & Peony: The Fola Osibo Restaurant Lekki Doesn't Need

Pear & Peony Cafe

Block 74, Plot 22 A Emma Abimbola Cole, Lekki One, Lagos.

0905 962 1002

FOLLY: It has been a while since Nosa and I were driving around looking for a place to eat and entered a random place.

NOSA: I'm blaming this on Papa's Grill. Who doesn't open their spot on Sundays? This is Lagos, we all work 6-9s, when on earth are we going to get the chance to check out your restaurant if not on a weekend?

FOLLY: TBF, I think we deserved everything about Pear & Peony because first, we ate at a place called Pear & Peony. Two, we chose a restaurant to eat at based on the fact that they had the same chairs as HSE Cafe and finally, the art on the wall was stock photos of food.

NOSA: They had legit chairs, I was so sure we were about to unearth a hidden gem.


FOLLY: The only good thing that we ordered here was the fresh orange and pineapple juice. The oranges that they used were so sweet and perfect. I could barely taste the pineapple. 

NOSA: ...and the water. That was good.

FOLLY: Nosa has this theory on the most expensive thing on a restaurant menu.

NOSA: The most expensive thing on restaurant's menu is, more often than not, the best thing they have the offer. Or top 5, at least. They're charging you a lot because that's either how highly they rate the entree or they spent a lot on the raw materials. And if it's the latter, they probably won't mess it up because why waste money.


At Pear & Peony, the most expensive plate is the Special Platter.

Chicken wings, calamari, shrimp balls, waffles, and mini tacos.

Fun, right?


FOLLY: The chicken wings don't look bad but they tasted so foul like they were going off.

NOSA: The BBQ sauce tasted so wrong. I think it was expired.


FOLLY: The prawn balls made by a more experienced cook would have been a hit. They mashed up prawns, rolled it into a ball, battered and then deep fried it. All while forgetting to season the prawn.

NOSA: The calamari was AWOL

FOLLY: The chicken balls were a replacement to the calamari. 

NOSA: The chicken was DEFINITELY off.


Also, the waffles were very under cooked. Like, it was basically batter.

FOLLY: We made sure we kept pictoral evidence for everything so somebody won't come and say we are lying. 

The menu said the platter would come with mini tacos. I present to you mini tacos. 


NOSA: I don't think the tacos need any accompanying words. You know what a taco is, my dear reader. This is obviously not it.


NOSA:  Like, be gone, Satan!

NOSA: At 12k, the special platter was an utter waste of money. I'd have derived more joy from setting the cash on fire. Could have made a killer snapchat out of it. 

FOLLY: The pesto was described to be a chill pesto creamy sauce (I took my lactase pills in anticipation). 

This is NOT pesto. 


This IS pesto.

Penne Pesto at Talindo

Penne Pesto at Talindo

NOSA: If only they used the time spent over cooking the pasta to finish up the waffles, maybe this would've been a better review. 


FOLLY: Nope, it still woudn't have been cause the pasta still was not pesto.

NOSA: That said, it was edible. I feel like I need to say something positive.



NOSA: The place needs to be shut down before someone gets poisoned.

FOLLY: Burn it to the ground. 

NOSA: Like, they just need start over because this is pretty bad.



Special Platter - N12000

Chilli Pesto Pasta - N3000

Orange & Pineapple Juice - N1700




Yes, parking is available off the street.